"Trust in the Lord

with all your heart

and lean not

on your own


in all your ways

acknowledge Him

and He will direct

your paths."



My favorite gift as a child was art supplies.  I have been fascinated by color and textures and shapes all my life.    Most of my inspiration is from nature.  My goal as an artist is to use the creativity God gave me to bring glory to God, without whom I am nothing. 

My husband, Russ,  and I live in Dade City, FL , where we also own an art gallery  called Out of Our Hands Gallery.  It features our art as well as 18 other fine artists from all over the South.  http://outofourhandsgallery.com/

I also teach elementary art, which

I've been doing for 12 yrs....

trying to instill the love of art

into the next generation, while

being "salt & light" on the mission field of public education. 

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